How To Spot Dangerous Dogs From Afar

Dog bites are not uncommon, but you can take steps to avoid being bitten. When you are out for a stroll or a jog and see a dog in the distance, slow your pace and pay attention. Remember that even friendly dogs can become aggressive if they feel threatened. However, there are some warning signs […]

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Teaching Your Child Safety Around Animals

A few weeks ago in Bakersfield, California a family pet named Tara turned from normal feline to ferocious guard-cat then to YouTube sensation. (Just search “Cat Saves Boy From Dog”.) The video footage of Tara saving a little boy on a bicycle from further damage from a brutal and vicious dog attack got more than […]

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A Dog Was Loose On The Beach And Bit Me, Who’s Liable?

There are several factors that may be causal effects for dog bites. For instance, dogs often feel provoked when small children run up to play with them. They don’t know who is friendly or not at a moment’s warning. All they know is that a stranger is running at them quickly. There are other instances […]

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