There Was No Warning On The Label

Companies have a duty to provide an appropriate level of safety measures when manufacturing their products. This includes placing suitable labels that describe correct use, dosage, safety precautions and warnings of any potential hazards. When companies fail to provide this level of safety through warning labels, the probability of injury rises dramatically.   OSHA Sets […]

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Dangerous Products At Home

Most people feel that their home is the safest possible place to be. However, the home does tend to have some dangerous products inside of it that can prevent it from being as safe as you hope it to be. Review the list below and check to make sure you are doing everything you can […]

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Famous Product Liability Cases

Companies that manufacture or produce millions of products each year are bound to have some products that are defective. Many people are injured while using products and subsequently file a product liability suit against the company or manufacturer. Most of these cases go away quietly when the company extends an offer of settlement. But some […]

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Car Manufacturer Recall Stats

Global demand for cars increase every year. As a result, car manufacturers focus on producing quality cars in record breaking times and speed. However, as a result, there are manufacturing mistakes that result in serious injuries and deaths. Below introduces the worst automaker offenders and most recent high profile vehicle recalls. Automaker Recall Stats According […]

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