Don’t Assume Your Injuries Are Minor, See A Doctor

When walking into a large retail store on a rainy day someone was rearranging the rug by the door. Unfortunately, as Joe hopped around the rug and his feet hit the slick tile floor, his feet promptly flew out from underneath him and he landed on his right hip HARD. For weeks, Joe had pain […]

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Safety Tips For Walking On Ice

Walking across ice can be a potentially dangerous situation. It is far too easy to find yourself in a position where you might slip, fall and hurt yourself. There are a few things you can do to help yourself make sure you are as safe as possible when you encounter a slippery patch of ice. […]

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When Is A Wet Floor Sign Required?

A wet floor sign is an easily identifiable marker alerting individuals that a nearby floor has become slicker than usual. Wet floors can be caused by regular janitorial cleaning, a mess or spill, or a water leak. No matter what the cause is, it’s the responsibility of the property’s management to be warn people about […]

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