The Many Sides Of Family Law

A family law attorney is well versed in a variety of areas. This enables them to help clients with a multitude of matters that may affect their overall quality of life and well-being. Any of the matters listed below may arise at any time, but a family law lawyer is equipped to handle them all.


The dissolution of a marriage is complicated and painful. Many issues must be decided. Family law attorneys are adept negotiators and creative problem solvers who help couples resolve these issues. Even after the divorce decree an attorney provides helpful advice should complications arise.

Child Custody

Some of the most hotly contested matters under the umbrella of family law relate to child custody. Issues such as the child’s primary residence and the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent fall under this category. An assertive, knowledgeable family law lawyer helps clients establish common sense custody arrangements.

Child Support

Raising children is expensive, and it becomes especially complex after a divorce. Questions of child support, such as whether it should be provided, by whom and in what amount, are rarely easy to answer, but solutions can be found.

Spousal Support

Sometimes one spouse is the family’s main breadwinner while the other stays home with the children. The stay-at-home parent may be unprepared to enter the workforce after a divorce. Spousal support may be a necessity in these situations.

Asset Division

People acquire assets throughout their lives. From a home to a vintage car, all of these must be divided in divorce proceedings. Family law attorneys help people equitably divide assets so that clients keep what they worked hard to acquire.

Fathers’ Rights

The law doesn’t recognize the rights of a biological father unless he is married to the child’s mother. However, rights may also be acquired by proving paternity. Family law attorneys help clients establish paternity, gain visitation rights and assume responsibilities for the care of their child.

Modification of Support

When circumstances change it may mean that child or spousal support arrangements need to be modified. It isn’t an easy process, which means that a family law attorney is an indispensable part of the process.

Prenuptial Agreements

Individuals who have considerable assets that were acquired before marriage may want to take this important step. Prenuptial agreements are sensitive matters that must be handled with tact and deftness. A knowledgeable attorney is an asset in these proceedings.