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Dividing Complex Marital Estates in New Jersey

For most middle-class couples, asset division problems aren’t that complicated. There’s a house, a couple of vehicles, some retirement funds, and a stack of bills. The main problem is to divide the marital estate in a manner both spouses can live with.

It doesn’t take a lot to complicate a marital estate. Contact a sophisticated divorce attorney at the Law Office of Gary J. Natale to protect your rights. We serve clients in Essex County, Hudson County and Union County, and we offer each client highly personalized and attentive service while we work toward achieving your goals.

We resolve complex asset division issues for New Jersey divorce clients

Gary Natale’s background as an accountant and auditor at the New York Mercantile Exchange is highly useful for analyzing and resolving property division problems in cases with such characteristics as the following:

  • Self-employment for one or both spouses
  • Interest in a family business or closely held corporation
  • Extensive investment assets
  • Complex tax attributes
  • Work in a licensed profession or professional practice group
  • Significant assets held out of state or overseas

Our law firm’s familiarity with complex asset division problems can give you an important advantage toward achieving a favorable resolution of your prope| Mrty distribution issues.

We match our tactics to the unique demands of your asset division problem

We can choose from among negotiation, litigation, mediation or even binding private arbitration as the best means of resolving your property division dispute. No matter which approach we adopt, you can be sure that it will be selected after close consultation with you. You’ll have a solid understanding of the issues, your rights, and the pros and cons of every option.

For the advice of a lawyer whose attention to detail in complex property cases can make the decisive difference, call (973) 324-9711 or contact us online at the Law Office of Gary J. Natale in West Orange.