The Divorce Process in New Jersey

New Jersey Divorce Laws

The divorce process in New Jersey can become very complicated and involve very important issues, such as who will be protecting the best interests of your children and who will be living in your house. This makes it very critical to have an attorney in your corner who can explain each step of your divorce to you in a clear and honest way.

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Filing for Divorce — Guidance From an Essex County Lawyer

The divorce process can be broken into a few steps. These steps include:

  • Filing the divorce petition: The beginning stage of the divorce process is to file the actual divorce petition. It is important to have a skilled lawyer explain all of your rights to you and ensure you fully understand the process prior to filing for divorce.
  • Issuance of temporary orders from the court: If necessary, the court can issue temporary orders regarding children and financial matters in order to ensure everyone’s rights are properly protected. We understand how important your children are to you and will strive to see that all orders are put in place to protect them at all stages.
  • Discovery: The discovery process consists of information gathering. From obtaining income and other financial reports from your spouse to analyzing all of your assets and debts, we will vigorously investigate your situation.
  • Settlement options: Mediation is always a recommended option for divorcing couples. This process allows for the parties to come to agreements on important matters by themselves, without the need of judicial interference. If the parties can agree on critical terms, then a settlement can be reached without having to go to trial.
  • Trial: If an understanding between the parties is not possible, then it will be necessary to appear in front of a judge in court. We will interview witnesses, obtain opinions from family law and financial experts and present a solid case to the judge that protects your best interests.

More Information on New Jersey Divorce Laws

To discuss the divorce process in your free initial consultation or to discuss New Jersey divorce laws further, please contact our West Orange law firm online.

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