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Equitable Distribution Doesn’t Necessarily Mean a 50-50 Property Split

As a state that applies the equitable distribution model of marital property division, New Jersey prefers fairness over strict equality in dividing assets and debts between divorcing spouses. Obviously, determining what’s fair in a given case can leave more room for argument than simply dividing the marital estate down the middle.

Gary Natale is a former accountant and financial auditor

For dependable advice about property division issues in a New Jersey divorce, it makes good sense to consult with a lawyer trained and experienced in the investigation and analysis of financial questions. Contact the Law Office of Gary J. Natale in Essex County for attentive and highly focused client service on any property division problems that your divorce might present.

The first rule of property division is to make sure that each spouse’s disclosures of income and assets are complete and accurate. Mr. Natale isn’t satisfied to flip through the papers to make sure that he has a statement for each month and a return for each year. His trained eye can spot inconsistencies and inaccuracies that can often lead to some tough questions and more complete information. He can make sure that your negotiated property settlement is based on accurate data.

In general, all property acquired during the marriage is subject to division

With a few exceptions, any asset acquired by either spouse after the wedding is considered marital property that must be disclosed and divided between the spouses. Once you have an accurate picture of the size and composition of the marital estate, you can then start to figure out a fair way to split it up. Divorcing spouses have been known to disagree about what’s fair in their case.

Because he works closely with his divorce clients, Gary Natale will develop a good idea of your priorities and goals, and can help you formulate a legally sound proposal that meets your objectives while retaining some room for negotiation. His mastery of the details of your marital estate represents a significant advantage toward a favorable property settlement.

Gary Natale can advance your interests in negotiations or in court

If you can’t reach an agreement about property division, especially in cases involving complex marital assets, Mr. Natale’s accounting background provides an even greater advantage in presenting evidence at a contested hearing. In fact, his reputation for attention to detail in property division cases by itself serves as valuable negotiating leverage.

To learn how an attorney with an accounting background can help resolve a close property division issue in your favor, contact the Law Office of Gary J. Natale in West Orange.