West Orange Spousal Support

Resolving Alimony Issues in Essex County & Middlesex County

For most people, financial strain is built right into the divorce process. Whenever a single household splits in two, living expenses will increase, and the financially weaker spouse will usually need some help — at least for a while — to maintain anything approaching the standard of living established during the marriage. New Jersey family law provides a set of standards and procedures to help people figure out whether and how much spousal support should be paid from one person to the other.

We provide careful and painstaking client service on spousal support issues

Contact West Orange divorce attorney Gary Natale for sound advice about your rights on any question concerning alimony. His detailed and attentive approach to the resolution of spousal support issues is perfectly suited to the demands of said practice. A court asked to determine an alimony dispute is required to analyze the matter against a list of 13 factors, of which the most important are length of the marriage, age of the divorcing spouses, income, work history, and income disparity.

Mr. Natale’s background in accounting and financial analysis can help you work through these factors to get a good idea of your rights and responsibilities in a spousal support case. He can show you how a careful examination of both income and assets — including tax deductions for the children — can affect your right to receive or obligation to pay alimony.

The basic goal is to protect your standard of living

It’s usually unrealistic to expect both households created by a divorce to maintain the same standard of living the spouses experienced under the same roof, but careful planning and goal definition, backed up by negotiation and litigation skill, can go a long way toward achieving your objectives.

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