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Uncovering Hidden Assets During a Essex County Divorce

Dividing property during divorce is difficult enough without foul play. Hiding marital assets is not only wrong — it is illegal. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets from you, you must act now to protect your rights.

At the Law Offices of Gary J. Natale, P.C., we help our family law clients recover hidden assets during their high-asset divorce. Located in West Orange, New Jersey, we serve clients in Essex County, Hudson County and Union County. To speak with a sophisticated and experienced divorce attorney, please contact us.

Former Auditor, More Than 20 Years of Legal Experience

New Jersey divorce lawyer Gary Natale has more than two decades of legal experience. Before law school, he was an auditor with the New York Mercantile Exchange. This background helps immeasurably in divorce proceedings involving complex financial issues such as hidden assets.

Taking Every Path to Find Hidden Assets

Our complex asset division lawyers go to great lengths to uncover hidden assets. We have experience examining bank accounts to determine what money has come in and what has gone out, reviewing tax returns and 1099s, and requesting subpoenas for any other relevant financial documents. When necessary, we work with experienced private investigators, forensic accountants and financial experts to find hidden documents and assets.

Spouses may hide money through a wide variety of fraudulent and illegal practices, including those involving:

  • Employment: A spouse may delay his or her bonus or raise, adjust employment benefits, hide retirement benefits, tweak stock options and more.
  • Closely-held businesses: A business-owning spouse may doctor business records, illegally transfer money, make sudden payments to employees, delay business contracts and more.
  • Relatives and friends: A spouse may transfer money in a friend or relative’s name to make the transfer appear legal.
  • Financial accounts: A spouse may hide money in foreign/offshore bank accounts or secretly hold other bank accounts or credit cards.

Every Case Is Different. Contact Us to Discuss Yours.

Every hidden-asset case involves unique issues. We spend the time required to learn about your specific case and thoroughly investigate your claims. We then work hard to prepare a strong case for the judge. If the judge finds your spouse guilty of hiding assets, property division may turn in your favor and your spouse may face breach of fiduciary duty charges.

Contact us in West Orange, New Jersey, to learn more about our distinctive approach to client service and our experience uncovering hidden assets during divorce.