Essex County Commercial Vehicle Accidents Lawyer

New Jersey Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

From a legal standpoint, accidents involving commercial vehicles are sort of a cross between car and truck crash claims. A delivery truck or contractor’s van is closer in size to a private automobile, but the driver is likely to be covered by a commercial liability policy similar to a trucking company’s.

Proof of liability and damages will resemble a car accident case, while settlement and trial tactics will look more like a truck accident. Contact New Jersey personal injury lawyer Gary Natale to learn how his experience with complex accident litigation can help you and your family.

We represent clients on the full range of commercial vehicle accidents

At the Law Office of Gary J. Natale in West Orange, we represent clients in Essex County, Union County, and Hudson County in personal injury litigation involving such commercial vehicles as the following:

  • Taxi cabs and limousines
  • Construction vehicles
  • Delivery vans
  • Parcel express trucks
  • Local or intercity buses
  • Contractor’s pickup trucks
  • Utility maintenance vehicles
  • Airport shuttles, courtesy vans and other passenger vehicles

As well as preparing your case for a strong presentation on both the liability and damages issues, we also work closely with you and your family to make sure that your injuries are properly treated and that you’re getting the help you need for any other problems that might come up.

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Whether your accident involved a serious back injury, broken bones, or extensive damage to a knee or hip, we work with medical experts who can document your injuries and project your treatment needs into the future. We accept all personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that we collect no attorney’s fee unless we win your case or collect a settlement.

Contact our office in West Orange to learn more about your rights and our approach to client service in commercial vehicle accident litigation.