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Presenting Your Claim for Knee or Hip Injury Damages

Even a relatively minor auto accident can result in a severe knee injury. For elderly accident victims, a fall on a slippery surface can cause a life-changing hip fracture. For resourceful representation in knee and hip injury claims, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Gary J. Natale in West Orange.

We help solve insurance coverage problems in knee or hip injury cases

In car accident or slip-and-fall claims involving knee or hip trauma, a major obstacle is often the victim’s own insurance company denying personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for such needs as knee or hip replacement, reconstructive surgery, or a second surgery to correct untreated problems. Our experience with complex personal injury litigation can make a significant difference in helping you realize the full benefits of your insurance coverage.

The same problems can come up in negotiations with the defendant’s insurer. To keep your damages down, an insurance company will often try to show that necessary surgery is merely elective, and that the trauma could not have caused such serious physical problems for you. We know how to meet and overcome those objections both in settlement negotiations and at trial.

Whether your knee or hip injury was suffered in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, an accident on the job, or a fall on poorly maintained property, we can help you. Contact New Jersey personal injury lawyer Gary J. Natale for a free consultation, and put our experience to work for you.