Workplace Accidents

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Presenting Your Claim for Workplace Injury Damages

Experienced in both workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation, New Jersey trial attorney Gary Natale represents workers who have suffered serious injury in workplace accidents of all kinds. For a free consultation about your rights if you hurt on the job, contact the Law Office of Gary J. Natale in West Orange.

Is it a personal injury lawsuit or a workers’ compensation claim?

While accidents on the job and other employment settings will usually be eligible for workers’ compensation, it is worth your while to discuss your accident with a lawyer who is familiar with both workers’ comp law and personal injury litigation. Our law firm can explain the difference between workers’ compensation benefits and personal injury damages. We can also tell you which is more likely to apply in your situation.

Sometimes you can collect both. If your injury was work related, you should be eligible for workers comp — which doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get it without a fight. If the workplace accident resulted from the negligence of someone who was neither a fellow employee nor your employer, you will also be able to sue the negligent third party for personal injury damages in addition to workers’ comp.

We handle a wide range of workplace injury accidents

Our law firm represents people injured at construction sites, industrial plants, unsafe office or retail facilities, warehouses and loading docks, and many other occupational settings. The negligence claims against third-party defendants in a personal injury lawsuit might involve premises liabilityproducts liability, unsafe driving, or even negligent security.

The main thing to remember about the difference between a workers’ comp claim and a personal injury lawsuit is damages. Under the New Jersey workers’ compensation system, your benefits will normally be limited to your temporary wages while out of work, your medical expenses, and a permanency claim. In a personal injury case, the damages are much broader and will include your past, present and future pain and suffering as well as lost wages.

Our workplace accident clients benefit from our experience with both kinds of claims. To learn about your right to compensation for an injury at work, contact New Jersey trial lawyer Gary Natale in West Orange for a free consultation.