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You Won't Feel Rushed or Pressured

"I give a lot of time to my clients. I don't like to rush them. In the free initial consultation, I find out what has happened and what their goals are. Then I explain what I can and cannot do — to help them set realistic expectations. I'm not the kind of lawyer who bills my clients for every phone call I make or for every letter I write for them."

— West Orange attorney Gary Natale

Family Law

Because of his highly personal approach to client service, Gary Natale's family law clients are often surprised to hear that he was an accountant and financial auditor before he began his legal career. However, once clients listen to his detailed explanations of a divorcing spouse's financial options, the benefit of having an attorney with a financial background becomes clear.

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Gary J. Natale

With a legal career spanning two decades, Gary Natale is a versatile litigation attorney who combines an emphasis on detail and preparation with an unusually high commitment to personal relationships with his family law and personal injury clients. Contact his office in West Orange, New Jersey to learn how this combination can work for you. To learn more about his professional background,

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Personal Injury

Whether you were injured at work, in a car accident on the road, or in a slip-and-fall accident while shopping or while on vacation, an accident that causes serious injury can raise questions about your legal rights. In personal injury cases, our New Jersey law firm also believes in staying in close contact with our clients. We do not want your legal rights to get lost in the middle of other challenges — such as problems with creditors, disputes with health insurers or emotional conflicts within your family.

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