West Orange Child Support

Even though courts determine child support using a calculation based on strict guidelines, disputes can still arise. At the Law Offices of Gary J. Natale, P.C. in West Orange, New Jersey, we represent our clients’ rights to accurate and fair child support amounts.

Middlesex County Child Support Calculations and Challenges

The State of New Jersey has a child support calculator in which the parents’ net incomes, along with daycare costs and healthcare expenses paid by both parents, are considered in determining the level of child support. At times, issues between the spouses arise as to the amounts that should be factored into the child support equation.

When individuals own their own businesses, for example, their tax returns may not fully reflect the income that they have generated. Individuals may deduct personal expenses or even fail to declare all of their income. It may be necessary to have a forensic accountant examine financial records and tax returns to determine the appropriate amount of income to include in child support calculations. The courts could even notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about unpaid tax obligations. In these situations, the best approach is to work out child support without entering a courtroom.

A Lawyer Who Used to Be an Accountant: Attorney Gary Natale has a legal career that spans two decades. His previous profession as an accountant and financial auditor helps him serve his clients well in divorce disputes that involve financial issues such as child support.

Finding a Resolution to Child Support Conflicts

The objective is to find a resolution to the child support dispute that is fair to everyone involved. While no one should get away with concealing income in order to pay less support, we strive to find middle ground so each spouse can get on with his or her life. Neither side should be negatively affected by paying too much or receiving too little child support.

If, after a court enters a child support order, allegations arise that the payor spouse is not making payments according to the plan, we can represent either party in a child support enforcement action. When financial circumstances change after a divorce and modification of the support order becomes necessary, we can help with that process as well.

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