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How Relocation Affects Support Modification

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Family Law

Life is Unpredictable

Many New Jersey parents are well aware of the complexities of separation and divorce, especially when financial support and children are involved. Unanticipated situations emanate, leaving us to figure out how to handle complicated situations such as these. Often, relocation can be part of the equation.

After parents separate or divorce, many continue abiding in the same general area so as sharing child custodial responsibilities are still possible. Sometimes, however, job or secondary marital opportunities arise that can cause one parent to have to move. Often, military personnel are ordered to move to a different state or country while others may be presented with a job opportunity that is difficult to say no to; however, when a parent who is part of a custody arrangement moves, it may warrant modifications of existing child custody and support arrangements.

New Jersey Law

A separated or divorced parent has to show a substantial change in circumstances to be allowed to modify his (or her) alimony order, child support order or any other continuing obligation. There are several factors, which courts consider when deciding whether or not there has been a “change of circumstances.”

These factors can include:

  • Change in the Child’s Primary Household
  • Cost of Living Increases
  • Increase or Decrease in Income
  • Illness, Disability or Infirmity
  • Job Loss or Gain
  • Loss of Housing
  • Remarriage / Cohabitation

We Can Handle Either Side Of A Proposed Modification In Essex County

If you are the one in need of an adjustment, we can advise whether your change in circumstances is substantial enough to justify seeking the modified child support, spousal support or child custody order. If a modification is proposed at your expense, we will help you oppose or limit the motion, depending on the facts of your case.

Regardless, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your interests are fully protected in negotiations and court.

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