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How To Identify The Roots of Domestic Violence

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Family Law

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good,

the good is only temporary; the evil does it permanent.”

Mahatma Gandhi

At the beginning of a relationship, it is not easy to tell if someday it will become violent.

In fact, many people capable of domestic violence seem to be kind, considerate, and charming people in the beginning stages of a relationship. Although domestic violence, at its roots, is about power and control, abusive partners do not always display those possessive behaviors until deep into their relationships.

Deep Roots – Power & Control

The causes and impetus of domestic violence are as varied and nuanced as people. Abuse seldom looks the same in every relationship.  Power and control are the common factors involved in all domestic violence cases. Sometimes long before things become physical, signs of a need for power and control start to play out in their relationships.

Common Causes – Exposure & Experiences

Most harmful behavior in a person can be traced to negative exposures or experiences. Some of the common causes of domestic violence among adults include:

  • Those who observed domestic violence in their own homes as children
  • Those who were victims of domestic violence as children
  • Those who were exposed to communities where domestic violence was prevalent
  • Those who were victims of violence at school as children
  • Those who were victims of peer group/gang violence as adolescents
  • Extreme exposure to violence in movies, video games, music, television, and the internet

The state of New Jersey considers an accusation of domestic violence or abuse a very serious matter. The consequences that are ahead for someone who is charged with a domestic violence crime are significant. If you have been accused of domestic violence charges, we recommend you take those consequences seriously and hire an experienced and highly skilled domestic violence attorney.  You need an advocate who can defend you in light of your charges and pursue the best possible outcome.

Consider leveraging the unique counsel of Attorney Gary J. Natale. We strip away the emotional elements of a domestic violence case and lock in on any weaknesses that the prosecution may have. Facts are what dictate any criminal case and those facts will determine how we handle the case.

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