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When it comes to the well-being of your children, your family’s financial stability is vital. In New Jersey, child support is a way to ensure this remains the case after you and your spouse get divorced. Child support covers expenses related to your children’s care and upbringing, and it is crucial that your child support order accurately reflects the costs it takes to raise them.

I’m Gary J. Natale, and for over 30 years, I have helped clients handle family law issues like child support. I primarily serve clients in Essex County and the Newark, New Jersey, area. If you are working to establish a child support order, you can count on me to guide you through the process with understanding and undivided attention.

Calculating Child Support In New Jersey

In New Jersey, child support is determined based on the parents’ combined income. The state has an online child support calculator, which is a good way to estimate your payment amount. Keep in mind that your actual child support order may differ from this preliminary estimate.

Child Support FAQs

Like many parents in Essex County, you may feel confused about child support matters. I am committed to providing you with clarity and can answer any questions you may have – including these two:

How does child support work if the parents have equal time with the child?

If you and the other parent have equal time with your children, child support is still necessary. In this situation, it will be paid by whichever one of you has a higher income. The goal is to ensure that your children experience a similar standard of living in both households.

Can my child support obligation be reduced or changed?

Your child support obligation can be adjusted as necessary. Life changes – such as income shifts, changes in parenting time or changes in the needs of your children – can all be grounds for modification. However, to adjust your obligation, you must file a request and convincingly demonstrate that significant changes have occurred.

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