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Insurance Giving You Problems About Your Hip Injury? Seek Legal Advice

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

When people are involved in an auto accident resulting in an injury to their hip, the last thing they need is an insurance company denying their claim for a hip replacement. However, that is exactly what happens in many cases each and every day. Yet while many people feel as if there is nothing left for them to do, the fact is there are many ways to battle insurance companies and force them to provide the coverage victims deserve.

Victim’s Insurance Company

Ironically, it is often the victim’s own insurance company that puts up one roadblock after another in denying a claim. In many of these situations, the insurance company will attempt to deny Personal Injury Protection coverage when a hip replacement is needed. In these cases, the victim has often spent years paying health insurance premiums for a policy that is now being made useless by the company itself. In effect, the insurance company has robbed the victim of thousands of dollars in premiums, with no plans whatsoever to help them when a need arises.

Defendant’s Insurance Company

To make matters worse, not only does the victim’s own insurance company deny them coverage for a claim, but the defendant’s insurance company may also balk at the surgery. No matter under what circumstances the injury occurred, the defendant’s insurer will try to keep the damages awarded to a minimum by stating the surgery is elective, not medically necessary. In addition, the company will also argue that the circumstances which led to the injury could not have caused such serious trauma as to warrant a hip replacement. By attempting to make negotiations almost impossible, the insurer hopes the victim will get discouraged and end their attempts to collect damages.

Hire an Attorney

When faced with this situation, hiring an attorney with a background in personal injury cases that involve hip replacements is a smart decision. While the goal of insurance companies is to make negotiations as difficult as possible, an attorney understands this and knows the proper tactics to use in order to overcome these strategies. Whether a case goes to trial or a settlement is reached beforehand, an experienced attorney can make sure the insurance companies play by the rules. When a policyholder is injured, they are entitled to compensation based on the rules set forth in the policy. When insurers attempt to ignore those rules, they must be held accountable. To speak with an experienced hip injury attorney call 973-324-9711 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.