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My Child Got Injured During A Little League Game, Can I Sue The Organization?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

There are many situations in which you or your children can be injured. When these things happen, it’s unfortunate, but you must protect your legal rights. Good attorneys are out there to help people when they get injured through the fault of someone else. Even in those situations when you might not think you can file a lawsuit, you likely have rights that should be protected. For instance, what happens when your child gets hurt in a little league game?

Finding fault in the organization

When a little league organization opens itself up to players and parents, it takes on some liability. Injuries happen, of course, when kids are playing sports. Even with that said, organizations have a duty of care to protect the safety of their players. They must provide the proper umpires, the right equipment, and an environment that minimizes the risks. If the organization fails in its duty to provide these things, then you might have the ability to file a lawsuit.

How about the liability waiver?

Before your child can play a sport, you will likely have to sign a waiver of liability. This document states that you hold harmless the little league organization. These personal injury waivers are disfavored in most courts, however, and though they can be an obstacle to your lawsuit, they are not prohibitive. Good lawyers can often help you get around these waivers, allowing you to file a lawsuit anyway. This is especially true if the little league organization has failed in some major duty toward your child.

What sorts of injuries can lead to lawsuits?

Imagine that your child is running after a fly ball. All of a sudden, he steps in a hole, breaking his leg. While you do assume some risk when playing baseball, you don’t assume the risk that a little league organization will fail to keep up its fields. How about the odd case where your child is injured by a thrown ball because the organization failed to provide adequate helmets? These things happen often in little league, and when they do, you shouldn’t be on the hook for the medical costs. You can file a lawsuit on behalf of your child, requiring the little league to pay those costs and account for the pain and suffering of your child.

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