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Possible Lifetime Effects Of Knee Injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

Knee injuries include a broad range of conditions, from minor strains to severe, disabling problems. These vary from bone fractures or total dislocation to a crushed patella–kneecap–or a simple twist. Many times, serious injuries involve accidents at work or motor vehicle collisions. If serious damage results from such incidents, surgery–such as the placement of an artificial joint–may be required. If a knee injury was the result of another person’s negligence, legal help should be sought. Below are some examples of knee injuries that may cause long-term problems:

Meniscus Tear

When damage is sustained to the inside of the knee, a tear of the meniscus can occur. The menisci are slightly-rounded pieces of cartilage that cushion the thigh bone and act as shock absorbers for the knees. If they become injured, gradual dysfunction can occur, which will worsen over time. Complicated surgeries are sometimes necessary to avoid lifelong pain.


Knee joint dislocation can occur from virtually any type of accident, including those that occur at work or automobile collisions. Although this injury is rare, it is considered a medical emergency and if not treated properly or surgery was unsuccessful, lifelong pain and numbness may be the result.

There is also a type of dislocation that can occur on the side of the knee, referred to as patella dislocation. This is a very painful injury and can lead to early arthritis which the injured person will be saddled with for life. Patella dislocation is not life-threatening, but expensive, lengthy physical therapy is often required to avoid long-term complications and pain.


Knee fractures are typically the result of a direct blow to the knee bones. For example, a kneecap break may occur if one falls directly onto his or her knees after tripping over something or losing balance on a slippery surface. In many cases, such injuries lead to traumatic arthritis and painful swelling of the joint, as well as early onset of arthritis later in life.


One serious repercussion associated with traumatic knee injury is the need for knee replacement surgery. During such a procedure, the surgeon amputates damaged bone and cartilage from the patella and shinbone, and replaces a portion of the knee with a high grade plastic or polymer, or metal alloy.

Seeking Compensation

Long term problems from serious knee injuries that occur due to the negligence of another individual or company should be reviewed by a qualified attorney. A knee injury compensation claim often leads to a substantial settlement for the injured person, particularly when long-term pain is experienced or mobility is compromised.  Contact New Jersey personal injury lawyer Gary J. Natale at 973-324-9711.