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Uncommon Car Accident Injuries: Friction Burns

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Auto Accident, Personal Injury

There are many well-known injuries within car accidents. Broken bones and neck injuries are among some of the most common injuries associated with car accidents. One of the most uncommon car accident injuries is friction burns. These underreported injuries, even if uncommon, still cause a substantial basis of injury on those inflicted with the physical damages. According to, “Numerous authors report so-called friction burns, particularly on the face. These lesions are probably caused by the slapping action of the bag as it unfolds. The friction burns appear as numerous, fine, parallel superficial erosions on an erythematous base.”

Air Bags Don’t Just Provide Safety Measures

According to, while the air bags have increased in popularity and function of reducing death and injury in accidents, “An increasing variety of associated injuries has been reported, including minor burns… direct thermal burns from high-temperature gases or indirect injuries due to the melting of clothing, as well as friction burns from physical contact are possible. However, the inherent risks of air bag-related burns are still outweighed by the benefits of preventing potentially life-threatening injuries.”

Defective Air Bags

There is a very real risk of receiving injury from defective airbags. There is the potential for error within the design or even the installation of the air bag itself. Not only is there risk within the design and the installation, if the car sustains any previous damage that would cause a flaw in the air bag system, the risk of the air bag causing unintentional injuries can increase.

Air Bag Injury Claims

There are two different options when seeking compensation for friction burns caused by air bag deployment during car accidents. These options include making a claim against the manufacturer of the car or the service center that installed the air bag.

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