Family Law 101: Spousal Support

When marriage partners divorce, the court may decide to award spousal support or alimony to a spouse. Spousal support is generally awarded to the spouse of weaker financial means. The duration and level of spousal support is decided in each circumstance. No two divorce cases are alike. New Jersey’s state laws (Section 2A:34-23) provide guidelines […]

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The Goal Is To Protect Your Standard Of Living With Spousal Support Attorney

Although you think that you may be able to negotiate an amicable divorce with your partner, you still need a spousal support attorney. The goal is not just to administrate paperwork; the goal is to protect your standard of living. Many people who are coming out of a relationship are not fully aware of the […]

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Spousal Support: Protect Your Standard Of Living

When going through a divorce, there are many things to consider: asset and liability allocation, child custody, visitation, and child support, and sometimes spousal support. It is quite common for one spouse to seek alimony payments during a divorce especially if one spouse hasn’t had consistent employment, has young children, has health issues, or otherwise […]

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