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A Limo Backed Into My Car While Parallel Parking, Can I Sue For Damages?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

Parallel parking is tough. It’s one of those things that every teenager dreads when taking his or her first driving test, and a skill that the vast majority of adult drivers who don’t live in cities forget shortly after. Parallel parking between two vehicles is even harder – it requires a great deal of concentration and control, and even the smallest mistake can lead to damage. Imagine, then, what can occur if a limo has to parallel park. The sheer logistics of the action are mind-boggling, and any limo driver worth his or her license is probably going to avoid the action when possible. Unfortunately for you, you had to encounter the one driver who just had to give it a shot – and he or she managed to damage your car in the process. The question, then, must be raised about who is going to pay for the damage.

Deciding who is responsible for the damage to your car hinges on a legal concept called liability – not just who is responsible for causing the damage, but rather who has the responsibility to make the car whole once again. The good news, as far as most state laws are concerned, is that liability is pretty cut and dried here – the limo driver caused the damage when parallel parking, so the liability definitely isn’t on you as the driver of the car. There are rather complex questions about who actually owes you the money to get your car fixed (it might be the driver, it might be the company that employs the driver), but the good news for you is that you are likely off the hook when it comes time to pay the bill for getting your car fixed.

Whether you should sue the limo driver, though, is a different question. What you’re likely looking for here is a way to get your car fixed, not a lengthy court battle. There are a number of steps that you will likely go through before you ever think about going to court. You’ll exchange insurance information, assuming that the limo driver has insurance. You will also contact an attorney, in hopes of having the entire matter settled out of court. If there is no insurance, the driver refuses to compensate you and the company suddenly stops answering your calls, though, it’s likely that a suit would be your best option. The best way to figure out how to proceed is to contact an attorney.

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