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Back To School Tips For Divorced Parents

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Child Custody, Family Law

More than 50 percent of America’s parents are divorced. Their children have to spend most of their time with the custodial parent, which limits some of their nurturing. A divorced parent can use the back-to-school time to build the child’s comfort level, however. The following are some tips that can increase the child’s bonding and emotional security during the transition back to school:

Inviting the Other Parent Shopping

One thing that the custodial parent can do to increase the child’s emotional well-being is invite the absent parent for a shopping spree. Back-to-school shopping as a small family has three benefits. First, it can give the child a self-esteem boost. Children love to wander around and pick their new school supplies. Secondly, the child will see his or her parents getting along. Thirdly, the child will be less likely to feel as if he or she is missing something crucial when school starts.

The parents can go to the “meet and greet” appointments with their children together to show that they are getting along, as well. The “meet and greet” appointment is crucial because it gives both the parents the opportunity to see the curriculum and gauge the teacher’s personality.

Bumping up the Recreational Activities

The custodial parent may want to bump up the recreational activities with the child before school starts. He or she may want to visit amusement parks and beaches frequently as the summer comes to a close. Taking long nature walks is something that the parent and student can do, as well. Long walks are inexpensive, and they can usually lead to some beautiful paths. The child will have to work diligently once the first school bell rings. Therefore, adding some memorable fun enrichment before the year starts is a great way to ease into the seriousness of school.

Practicing at Home

Finally, the transition back to school can go smoothly if the child gets a significant amount of practice before the first day comes around. Many courses are available online to brush up a student’s skills. The parent can choose from a wide variety of courses in Math, Language, English, Vocabulary, Social Studies and the like. The parent and child can work together to keep the brain energized and fresh.

Divorced parents have to fight harder than other parents do just to keep their children’s heads afloat. The previously mentioned tips are a great place to start strengthening the family’s courage.

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