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Common Commercial Vehicles Accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Commercial Auto Accident, Personal Injury

Auto collisions between two private parties can be confusing and traumatic, but adding a commercial vehicle into the mix can make these situations practically unmanageable for the average person. Victims might hope that an insurance company will quickly provide the financial support that they need to get back on their feet, but these cases can become an uphill battle that will require an experienced attorney by your side.

Immediately Following the Accident

While countless accidents take place every single year, many people are still unsure about their rights and responsibilities during these events. Your number one priority following an auto accident is to ensure that you and all other parties are safe (Never Say “Sorry” after an accident to the other parties involved). If there is any doubt that an injury has taken place, then that individual must seek out medical attention immediately. Failing to get medical attention could result in much more serious injuries later on. Drivers also want to collect data including the company’s contact information, the driver’s contact information, and the names and badge numbers of any police officers that show up.

Don’t Tackle Insurance Companies Alone

One of the reasons that these situations can become so complex is that drivers may be forced to take on an entire company and their legal team. Just as with an accident between two private drivers, a company’s insurance rates can rise dramatically following an accident. Many businesses will attempt to settle as quickly as possible or have their insurance agents come to a conclusion before the victim has time to speak with their own attorney, and this can be devastating. From the moment that you contact our attorney, you can stop worrying about harassing calls or entering into negotiations with anyone.

Focus on Your Recovery

From the moment that you contact our firm, we can begin putting in the time and legwork that is needed for these cases while you focus on your recovery. This may include entering into negotiations with the commercial driver’s employer or their insurance provider. If a settlement isn’t reached, then these cases might evolve into a civil trial in order to have a judge award damages.

Whether you have been in an accident with a transportation truck, trash truck, limo, cab, or any other commercial vehicle, help is only a phone call away. Please feel free to contact the Law Office of Gary J. Natale P.C. online or call 973-324-9711 if you or a loved one has recently been in a collision and are unsure of your legal options.