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Divorce Process: Filing The Divorce Petition

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law

The divorce process in New Jersey involves several steps, details, and filings with the courts. It is important to understand the process in order for you to have the least amount of stress and time involved in obtaining your divorce so that you can focus on your new life.

The average divorce process can be broken down into these basic steps.

  • Filing the divorce petition:The divorce process is started by filing the actual divorce petition. Gary J Natale is here to assist you every step of the way and make sure that you are as informed about the process and receive the best divorce settlement possible.
  • Issuance of temporary orders from the court:We understand that child custody and support can be highly emotionally charged topics and the best interest of your children is of the utmost importance. If necessary, the court can issue temporary orders regarding children and financial matters in order to ensure everyone’s rights are properly protected.
  • Discovery: The discovery process consists of information gathering. From obtaining income and other financial reports from your spouse to analyzing all of your assets and debts, we will vigorously investigate your situation.
  • Settlement options: Mediation is always a recommended option for divorcing couples. This process allows for the parties to come to agreements on important matters by themselves, without the need for judicial interference. If the parties can agree on critical terms, then a settlement can be reached without having to go to trial.
  • Trial: If an understanding between the parties is not possible, then it will be necessary to appear in front of a judge in court. With the use of experts and witnesses we will be able to make a case in court that will be to your best interest. Having an attorney that understands the court process and legal terminology can be a great relief rather than navigating those waters yourself.

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