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Don’t Let Embarrassment Prevent You From Reporting A Slip and Fall Accident

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

Although slipping and falling is a painful and embarrassing experience, you should not let it stop you from reporting it to an attorney. You are not alone in your pain, because hundreds of thousands of people slip and fall every year in America. Keeping your painful experience secret can rob you of a huge settlement that you can receive for your medical expenses, work wage losses, and perhaps your pain and suffering. Another party may be responsible for your accident. Therefore, you may qualify for personal injury compensation.

When Is Someone Else at Fault for a Slip and Fall?

Any person or party that owns a home or establishment can be responsible for a slip and fall injury. Your neighbor down the street can be responsible if you slip and fall on the ice outside his or her home. Your sister could be accountable for a toy car that made you roll across the kitchen floor and fall. Additionally, business establishments can be responsible for slips and falls on wet floors, protruding items, food items, ice, floor wax and more. Neglect is the element that could turn your slip and fall accident into a paying settlement.

What Is Neglect in a Slip and Fall Case?

Neglect is an action that disregards a person’s safety or health. Neglect can be the failure to act in a person’s best interest, as well. Property owners are legally responsible for people who enter their premises. They must put forth their best efforts to keep their establishments clean, safe and free of potentially dangerous items. A judge can charge a business with neglect if an employee or alternative staff member fails to clean up a spill. The judge can deem a business neglectful for forgetting to put a wet floor sign out after an employee mops the floor.

Property owners have must be mindful of the hazards within their homes and outside of their homes if they are going to have visitors. All parties are subject to neglect accusations in a slip and fall case. Therefore, you have an excellent chance of receiving compensation for your injury.

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