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I Was Injured In A Snow Storm. Do I Need A Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Auto Accident, Personal Injury

In the first major snowfall in Wenatchee, Washington, there was a head-on collision involving two cars, which blocked traffic in both directions on Highway 28 on November 22, 2014. There were six people injured, and one person was transported to a hospital in Spokane. Two of the young men, only 18 sustained significant injuries.

Unfortunately, snow can cause significant difficulties for drivers, and is a prime time for injuries. It’s important to know what to do both to keep you safe for preventing injuries, and what to do if you’re already injured from a wreck.

Your Right To Safety

Each of us has certain rights that are understood when we walk out of the front door of our homes and drive on the roads of our city. You should be able to expect to travel with reasonable safety while outside during winter months, whether walking on sidewalks or in the parking lot of a local store. If you are injured after falling on snow or ice, you may be eligible to recuperate for your personal injuries.

Who is Liable in a Snow and Ice Case

Property owners, or those who control the property, are expected to use reasonable care to prevent unsafe walking conditions, which result from snow and ice. If they do not take reasonable care, property owners could be liable for physical harm endured in snow buildups. Property owners could be liable even if a third party transported the snow while the property owner should have had knowledge of it.

What To Do If You Are Injured By a Fall in Snow and Ice

If you are injured after falling in snow or on ice, you should first seek appropriate medical treatment. These injuries could be severe, such as fractures, spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. It’s not always immediately obvious how serious these injuries are. So, it is important to see a physician or go to an emergency department as soon as possible to be examined.

New Jersey Car Accident Attorneys

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