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Knee and Hip Injuries Can Be Life-Changing

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

If you’ve ever heard the well-known spiritual song “Dem Bones”, you’ll remember it’s simple, but catchy verse depicting the connection between the major bones in the body:

“Knee bone connected to the thigh bone

Thigh bone connected to the hip bone

Hip bone connected to the back bone

Back bone connected to the shoulder bone

Shoulder bone connected to the neck bone”

Obviously, there’s a strong connection between the many and different bones and joints in our bodies. When something happens to one of the them, say a knee or hip, for example, often times the repercussions are felt elsewhere in the body. In this way, source injuries often disguise themselves as back, shoulder or neck pain.  When those injuries are caused due to the negligence of another party, there may be compensatory damages to be pursued to make sure financial hardship is not also intractably connected to your injury.

Joint Injuries

Injuries to our joints and bones can have serious, often life-changing impacts. It may be in the form of other physical ailments created by an injury to a knee or hip, the loss of ability to work for a period of time, and mental or emotional distress from dealing with changes to your body, your schedule or your finances.

That’s why even seemingly minor car accidents or an ill-cared for slippery surface can produce an injury to a knee or hip that carries potentially life-changing effects. In dealing with an event that results in this type of injury, it’s important that you have someone who is able to help you properly ascertain these effects that may not be readily obvious in the short-term. In addition, many insurance companies want to downplay the injury or settle quickly to minimize your damages.

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