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Some Of The Most Difficult Assets To Divide During Divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Complex Asset Division, Family Law

Most divorce cases can be settled relatively quickly. The average couple will need to allocate their assets and liabilities such as home, cars, household items, bank accounts, bills etc. While this can be done easily or be contentious among couples it is still pretty straight forward. There are however, some more complex assets that may need to be divided and this may require an experienced attorney to represent your interests in them.

Some of these assets include:

  • Family owned businesses- If you or your spouse are co-owners or shareholders in a family business and don’t wish to continue a business relationship after your personal relationship has ended you may need to determine how to split your interests in the business.
  • Investments- Division of stock options in divorce proceedings is determined on a case by case basis. The courts will consider whether the investments are a result of efforts during the marriage and if they aren’t matured at the time of divorce, how they will be split in the future.
  • Assets out of state or overseas- When the asset in question is out of state or country, it can pose a more complex solution.
  • Retirement- Assets acquired during the marital relationship, even retirement accounts, can be divided as each spouse has a reasonable expectation of benefit from them.

Negotiation, litigation, mediation or even binding private arbitration are options as the best means of resolving your property division dispute. No matter which approach we adopt, you can be sure that it will be selected after close consultation with you. You’ll have a solid understanding of the issues, your rights, and the pros and cons of every option.

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