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Teaching Your Child Safety Around Animals

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Dog Bite, Personal Injury

A few weeks ago in Bakersfield, California a family pet named Tara turned from normal feline to ferocious guard-cat then to YouTube sensation. (Just search “Cat Saves Boy From Dog”.) The video footage of Tara saving a little boy on a bicycle from further damage from a brutal and vicious dog attack got more than 20 million views. Bakersfield Board of Supervisors was said to have named June 3, 2014 “Tara The Hero Cat Day”.

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a courageous and caring cat to protect their children from animal attacks. And although the boy in this video couldn’t have done much to avoid the dog’s surprise attack, there are things parents can do to teach kids to be safe around dogs and other animals. Here are a few helpful tips.

Small Children & Animals

Toddlers are at greatest risk of being attack or accidentally harmed by animals. When small children bring their flashy, noisy toys, when they run around, grab or hit the animal, aggressive reaction may be imminent.


Dogs will often show signs of aggravation or angry by their body language before they get to the point of biting. But once a dog starts to be aggressive, make sure your kids know to try to confidently and quietly walk away. Teach them to not scream, yell, swing or kick at, or even run from the dog.

During Attack

If the dog is so aggressive that it begins to follow, teach your kids to stop walking, keeping their eyes and hands down.

When To Leave Them Alone

Even your neighbor’s sweet pets should be left alone when eating, sleeping, or in his or her cage. Teach your kids not to pull tails or ears or antagonize the dog.

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