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When Is A Wet Floor Sign Required?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury, Slip and Fall

A wet floor sign is an easily identifiable marker alerting individuals that a nearby floor has become slicker than usual. Wet floors can be caused by regular janitorial cleaning, a mess or spill, or a water leak. No matter what the cause is, it’s the responsibility of the property’s management to be warn people about wet floors as soon as possible.

Businesses must remain vigilant by monitoring their floors for signs of slickness and passing along this information to their janitorial team without delay. Upon arrival of a janitor, a barrier must be placed around the wet area to warn patrons not to step on the surface until further notice.

Slips and falls are no small matter. Broken bones, trauma, and other injuries can occur as a result of slipping in an area that was not marked with a wet floor sign. Anyone is susceptible to slipping and injuring themselves on a wet surface, regardless of their mobility status. This is even truer if they are walking quickly and unable to tell the difference between a wet and dry floor area. However, more than one in three seniors fall every year, and people with disabilities are at a higher risk of seriously injuring themselves if a wet floor is not properly identified.

Slip and fall injuries in restrooms can be especially dangerous if the patron was alone at the time of their fall, since every minute unattended can lead to a worse impairment. Unfortunately, this is where most businesses are careless about displaying wet floor signs, since bathrooms are not in the constant view of staffers and employees.
Homeowners need to be attentive to the wet floors in their homes as well. When they have guests over, it’s their responsibility to monitor their floors’ safety and warns visitors of any spills – whether they occur during a large family reunion or a close gathering of acquaintances. Wet floor signs and warnings should also apply to outdoor areas such as parking garages, patios, building entrances, and courtyards.

Wet floor signs must be displayed when walking across the surface could result in an individual slipping and hurting themselves. It is up to a property manager or owner to make sure their business or home is as safe as possible for visitors.

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